Quality Control

There are several mechanisms that we use within the Madinah Arabic Translation Centre to ensure that all projects and translations are of a world-class standard.

  • Phased approach – we break down projects into phases (stages) with client sign off prior to progressing to subsequent phases.  We further break these phases into tasks and subtasks.  This mitigates risk of major problems as we can proactively identify tasks that might cause delays and the risk is divided across the phases of the project rather than concentrated on the overall project deadline.  We have decades of project management experience for FTSE 100 organisations and large corporates.
  • Translation Software – we use Trados – the leading software in translation.  This supports human translators by ensuring consistency and collaboration between translators, proofreaders at all stages of the project.     The translation memory is built based of previous translations (not machine driven) so enables accurate industry / topic specific translations.
  • Proactive Project Management –  we break down all projects into phases, tasks and subtasks – all of which have delivery timelines and assigned resources.   Clients can log in to our web-based system and see granular detail of all tasks including upto date Gannt charts on progress.   We highlight tasks that are on the critical path and those that are behind schedule for specific discussion with the client.  Transparency is very important to us.  If there is a problem, we would like to discuss it early rather than wait until the project end.
  • Web based system – our web based system allows clients to have full control of the project including uploading progress reports, receiving files, see project and task history, assigned resources and task management.   Our web based system is our centralised area for collaboration within our own teams as well as the client.   Clients can control user-access to specific projects and make payment via the web-based system.